Water reducing, plasticising, retarding, accelerating and superplasticising admixtures for concrete and mortar. Air entraining & surface retarding admixtures.

ChemPlast 200 N is chloride-free water reducing, plasticising, admixture based on proprietary blended lignosulphonates. When introduced to the mix through the mixing water ChemPlast 200 N disperses the ne cement particles throughout the concrete mix, enabling the water content of the concrete to perform more effectively and improves the consistency of the concrete.

ChemPlast 400 SP is a chloride- free high performance high range water-reducing admixture based on proprietary blended organic polymers. ChemPlast 400 SP has powerful wetting agents which when introduced to the mix, through the mixing water altar the molecular structure of the cement matrix, dramatically increasing workability levels, improving cement dispersion and enhanced cement hydration. ChemPlast 400 SP has excellent slump retention properties and provides slight retardation in initial set.

ChemPlast WP 20 is a chloride-free integral waterproong admixture based on blended hydrophobic materials, fatty acids and other proprietary chemicals. ChemPlast WP 20 is supplied as a white powder which when introduced to the mix, ChemPlast WP 20 disperses throughout the ne cement particles to produce an insoluble water resistant matrix.

High performance super plasticising admixture.


Cementitious, metallic & natural aggregate heavy duty industrial flooring systems. Polymer modified self leveling floor overlays.

ChemCoat:    WD 337    Premier quality, multipurpose water-dispersed epoxy coating
ChemCrone:    Cementitious dry-shake mineral aggregate surface hardener
ChemFlo SL:    ChemFlo SL is a four-component solvent-free self-leveling
ChemFlo HPU:    Four component polyurethane self-levelling, chemical resistant
ChemCoat 400 Hi Build:    Hi-build epoxy floor coating
ChemScreed PU:  Four component polyurethane mortar

Concrete Repairing/Adhesives

Polymer modified & fiber filled cementitious structural repair mortars. Precision non-shrink structural

ChemCoat 60 & 180
ChemRep 60 & 180 is a one- component, cementitious blend which sets rapidly after addition of a minimal amount of clean water. They are fast setting mortars, which are easy to apply for the purpose of curtailing water seepages and similar difcult to apply situations.

Chemcoat GT
ChemRep GT is a pre-mixed ready to use single-component polymer modied, cementitious repair mortar. The material is based on blended cements, graded siliceous aggregate, proprietary chemical additives, llers and anti-desiccants.

ChemLatex is a synthetic resin polymer which is supplied as a ready to use liquid. It is designed to improve the qualities of site-batched cementitious mortars and slurries. It is ideal for internal and external applications in conjunction with cement.

ChemDermix 314
Two component structural repair Epoxy mortar

ChemDermix 389
Low viscosity crack injection compound


Bitumen & acrylic mastic sealants. Polysulphide & polyurethane sealants. Modified epoxy urethane & coal tar sealants.

FlexoChem G
FlexoChem G is a two component, elastomeric polyurethane joint sealant.

FlexoChem 1
Single component polyurethane elastomeric joint sealant