PU Silicone Flooring is newest sports surface coating material in China, indoor and outdoor specialist of sport flooring, silicon PU silicone sports flooring is now becoming one of the most popular multi-use sports floor in the world, its performance characteristic is makes it ideally suited as Basketball floor, Volleyball floor, Badminton floor, Table tennis floor, Tennis floor etc. Silicon PU products are highly praised in the market due to their optimum performance and non-cracking features. The silicon PU Silicone sports floor structure can based on cement and asphalt surface. The structure of the silicon PU Silicone for the sports court is made with the different characteristics and layers to provide best elasticity, strong bounding force, stability, highly adhesive, perfection and comfort. The structure of the silicon PU silicone flooring contain modified polyurethane components with simple construction automatic leveling and chemical stability after the construction its not produce bubbles.